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Legionella Management

Cooling Tower Management

An outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease in the the summer of 2015 Bronx, prompted the creation and implementation of new City and State-wide regulations that required the development of detailed cooling tower management plans by November 2016. These management plans must detail schedules of regular inspection by environmental consultants, as well as regular bacteriological testing of cooling tower waters by a NYSDOH ELAP-approved laboratory

Biocide Introduction Manifold for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Biocide Introduction Manifold for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

To help our customers satisfy requirements set forth in these new regulations, New York Environmental offers a comprehensive program to develop detailed management plans with compliant inspection and testing schedules.

All consulting and testing services are conducted in house; our environmental consultants are experienced with conducting inspections to satisfy the new regulations, and our laboratory is a CDC Elite Member Laboratory and is certified by the NYSDOH Environmental Laboratory Approval Program to process samples for Legionella analysis.


health care facilities and legionella

At about the time regulations concerning cooling towers were being adopted, requirements for health care facilities were similarly being implemented - requiring that an assessment of the potable water system be completed and a Sampling and Management Plan be created per facility by December 1, 2016.

Our in-house laboratory is well equipped to process samples for Legionella by ISO Method 11731(2017) and heterotrophic plate counts as required by the recent regulations. 

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss our capabilities and services offered with regard to Legionella management and testing.